A Parking Lot for Hyacinths

A surrealist romp through the life of Provo's hippest indie rocker

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A surrealist romp through the life of James Jeremiah Johnson, a dilettante university student/local indie star who has discovered his lone ability to communicate with nature after a vision from the ‘Star Queen’. Following his increasingly vague dream, James is lead on a series of wild misadventures from Provo to the southern Utah wilderness encountering along the way an austere university professor, a singing coke bottle, a tortured artist, a scandalous moonflower, and a withered curmudgeon of a juniper tree. After the self-proclaimed success of his vision quest, James returns to Provo for a concert that will change the local scene forever.


Full Cast:

Elijah Hancock — James

Michelle Alexander — Natalie

Olivia Custodio — Coke Bottle, Moonflower

Carlie Riding — Professor Hauptmann

Shawn Saunders — Juniper Tree



Igor Marques

Dallin Peacock

Emily Erekson

Robert Willes

Hannah Johnson


Chamber Ensemble:

Rachel Ostler

Mayu Park

Hillary Alleman

Austie Robinson

Eric Backman

Nick Foster

Jesse Quebbeman-Turley


Jessica Li: Promotional Art

Lexi Johnson: Costumes

Jena Schmidt: Set design

Graham Whipple: Lighting

Cast & Crew
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