4 micro-operas, created by 4 teams, unified by a day, a year, a location -- March 27, 2047, on the Wasatch Front
4 operatic glimpses of the year 2047


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7pm Thu October 19th   Boxcar Studios Provo

7pm Sat October 21st    Vague Space SLC

5pm Sun October 22nd    Vague Space SLC




This opera explores the connections between data, pollination, and the collaborative work of keeping the collective hive of humanity from collapse


The Many Brides of Brileen Young

A portrait of the brides of a polygamist leader as they embark on a final trip across the plains told through a blend of found and original texts.


This libretto takes place on a flight back to Salt Lake City from Nebraska. Much of the focus is on a female character who is moving home after twenty years to take care of her ailing mother after the death of her father. One of the key pieces of background context is that it hasn’t snowed all winter.

Open House

A couple at odds with their automated security system results in disaster. This libretto aims to explore the multi-faceted topic of communication. As members of the digital age, how we define and carry out our interpersonal relationships has already begun to complicate and change, a trend that will only continue as technology advances






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