Stuart Wheeler

Stuart Wheeler is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, and producer. His works project contemporary complexities—extended techniques, microtonality, and the acoustical immediacy of American innovators like Oliveros, Tenney, Young, and Cage—often arriving there via the back routes of vernacular timbres, non-classical choral traditions, and the folk ethics of collaboration, improvisation, and non-virtuosity.

He showed early promise as a selected participant in the 2010 David Diamond Young Composers’ Workshop, which led to performances of his piece …and Cain talked with Abel… by both the St. Helens String Quartet and members of the Seattle Symphony. As an undergraduate at BYU he received the Barlow Student Composition Award in 2016, resulting in a commission for a forthcoming choral work. He has been an active participant in DEXO productions since 2014, when he made his DEXO debut as a performer in The Museum Of. Since then he has participated in three bicycle operas and served as performer/producer in the 2015 improvised opera The Heavenly City, created jointly with librettist Luke Swenson. In 2016 Stuart premiered his chamber opera Red Lake at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, in collaboration with librettist Luke Swenson and choreographer Emma Wilson, and sang the role of Ian in the production.