Logan Hone

Logan Hone is a restless engine of creative energy, constantly churning his way into new, joyous, too-friendly, uncanny, dreamlike, funny, personal, catchy, witty, light, disorienting, and goofy performance. Logan is a Los Angeles-based musician hailing from Utah, where he helped bring DEXO to life.

He composed and collaborated on Strawberries in the Hive, A Parking Lot for Hyacinths, Hibernation, and On Life Just Because. Of his work All About Jazz states, “difficult music to be labeled (how wonderful!), abnormal instrumentation, boldness, irreverence and humor enough.”

Logan has performed with The Industry, Lucky Dragons, and his projects Similar Fashion, Bright Whistles, FunCoffin (with Christian Asplund), and Desert Magic. He has performed at The Blue Whale, Cry and Roar 6 (festival headliner), Downtown Music Gallery (NYC), Gowanus Art and Production, Berkeley Arts Festival, Open Gate Concert Series, MorYork, and has presented masterclasses at University of Utah, University of Reno, Snow College, College of Southern Idaho, among others. Logan received a degree in Jazz Performance from California Institute of the Arts.