Emma Wilson

Emma Wilson is a dance artist, choreographer and director for DEXO. Born and raised in Houston, Emma moved west to complete a BFA in Modern Dance at the University of Utah, minoring in Environmental Studies and Portuguese. Emma’s involvement with DEXO began when she performed a dancing migraine in The Heavenly City (2015). She has since choreographed and directed Red Lake (2016), and is excited for future DEXO productions.

Emma also jams with the improvisational dance and music ensemble, Porridge for Goldilocks, and has a solo performance project, LadyPrince is Yung&Bizzy. Wilson’s work has been presented at the The Barn (Houston), 12 Minutes Max (SLC), Mudson (SLC), Speakers Corner (SLC), Dumke Blackbox Theater (SLC), Jupiter XI Apparel (Chicago), and The Pilot on Navigation (Houston). Her writing can be found published in loveDANCEmore and 15 Bytes. Emma is thrilled to choreograph in an operatic context in which various artistic languages simultaneously speak: making nonsense and creating meaning.