Carly Schaub

Carly Schaub is originally from Benson, UT and graduated with an M.F.A. in Modern Dance from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, and a B.F.A. in Theatre and Dance, from the University of Wyoming. She has performed in numerous dance and musical theatre productions, studied many dance forms, including Baroque and Renaissance dance, addition to spending time studying in London.  She has worked with many choreographers including Bill Evans, Peter Pucci, Yoav Kaddar, Keith Saunders, Patricia Tate, Marsha Knight, Thomas Shoemaker, and Netta Yerushalmy to name a few.

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Ilana Fogelson

Ilana Fogelson recently graduated from Brown University with an MFA in Fiction. Originally hailing from Salt Lake City, she now lives in Providence, Rhode Island and finds the lack of mountains disconcerting. She has joined DEXO in time to be a part of 2047, the company’s upcoming opera festival. Her writing has previously been published in Revolver Magazine, The Broome Street Review, No Tokens Magazine, and is pending publication with Monster House Press.

Elena Rogers

Elena Rogers has lived in Salt Lake for a long time and likes to write things. She is one of the librettists and this marks her first year as a contributor to DEXO. She is excited to be working with such impassioned and talented people.

Logan Hone

Logan Hone is a restless engine of creative energy, constantly churning his way into new, joyous, too-friendly, uncanny, dreamlike, funny, personal, catchy, witty, light, disorienting, and goofy performance. Logan is a Los Angeles-based musician hailing from Utah, where he helped bring DEXO to life. Continue reading “Logan Hone”

Stuart Wheeler

Stuart Wheeler is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, and producer. His work tends toward microtonality, vernacular timbres, diverse singing traditions, and the folk ethics of collaboration, improvisation, and non-virtuosity. His teachers have included Christian Asplund, Neil Thornock, I Nyoman Windha, Sam Richards and Steve Ricks.

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Hannah McLaughlin

Hannah McLaughlin is studying Musicology at Brigham Young University.  Although her current focus is writing about new music, she continues to explore music performance and pedagogy.  She participates in both traditional choral as well as experimental ensembles throughout Utah.   Continue reading “Hannah McLaughlin”

Jasmine Stack

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Jasmine Stack is a movement and visual artist whose heart never left the desert.  In her dance work she investigates relationships between societies and their surrounding environments, using movement to physicalize individual and communal experiences of these natural and constructed landscapes. Continue reading “Jasmine Stack”

Jessica Li

Jessica Li is the art director/constellation archer in residence of DEXO. She has collaborated on, as well as designed posters for the DEXO operas: The Museum Of, A Parking Lot for Hyacinths, Red Lake, and Kolob Theorem. She is currently working on music videos, learning how to organize, and hosting duo dumpling dinner/performances with Jesse Quebbeman-Turley. Continue reading “Jessica Li”

Katie Kelley

Katie Kelley, soprano, is a native of Houston, Texas. She made her debut with DEXO opera earlier this year as Judith in Red Lake. She is currently working towards a Master of Music degree at the University of Washington. Since beginning this degree, Ms. Kelley has performed the titular role of Cavalli’s Calisto and has appeared as Orphée in Gluck’s Orphée et Eurydice. Continue reading “Katie Kelley”

Lara Candland

Lara Candland is a poet, performer and teacher living and working in Utah. She performed as Hildegard of Bingen in the DEXO production of The Heavenly City. She is the author of <Alburnum of the Green and Living Tree> (BlazeVox) and the forthcoming collection <The Lapidary’s Nosegay> (Colorado State University Center for Literary Publishing). Continue reading “Lara Candland”

Meagan Bertelsen

Meagan Bertelsen is a movement artist based in Salt Lake City. A 2016 graduate from the University of Utah, she has a BFA in Modern Dance and an Honors Degree with a thesis in solo improvisation. Alongside her personal research, she has been a longtime member of Porridge for Goldilocks, a group of performance improvisers of various disciplines. For her, collaborating across mediums is a challenge of the relevancy and abilities of her craft. Continue reading “Meagan Bertelsen”

Nate Witham

Nathan Witham is a student of harmony and the perception of sound. He holds a Bachelors of Music Composition from the University of Utah. He has performed with DEXO in The Heavenly City and The Museum Of. Continue reading “Nate Witham”

Emma Wilson

Emma Wilson is a dance artist, choreographer and director for DEXO. Born and raised in Houston, Emma moved west to complete a BFA in Modern Dance at the University of Utah, minoring in Environmental Studies and Portuguese. Emma’s involvement with DEXO began when she performed a dancing migraine in The Heavenly City (2015). She has since choreographed and directed Red Lake (2016), and is excited for future DEXO productions. Continue reading “Emma Wilson”

Luke Swenson

A native of Utah County, Luke Swenson is co-founder and librettist for the Deseret Experimental Opera Company. Swenson’s work with DEXO began with the short epistolary libretto for Strawberries in the Hive, a story of love lost in space.  His first first full length opera, A Parking Lot for Hyacinths, received a grant from the BYU School of Music and premiered at the Nelke Experimental Theater. In 2015, Swenson laid the blueprint for the improvised opera The Heavenly City about the migraines of the 12th century composer, poet, scientist, and visionary Hildegard von Bingen. Continue reading “Luke Swenson”