Claudia Escobar

Recent University of Utah Graduate in Sound Design and Music Technology. Previous credits include Sound Designer for The Rivals (Babcock Theatre), Assistant Sound Designer for Love’s Labour’s Lost (Studio 115) and Chess (MCD), Sound Engineer for Company (Babcock Theatre), and Sound Engineer/Board Operator for Harbour Gate, Hir, Saturday’s Voyer, andThe Wolves at SLAC.

Good I Dear

A new weird American freaky folk inspired looper, blending vocals, guitar and beats.

Millennial Homeowners

MILLENNIAL HOMEOWNERS was specially formed to perform the role of Zion National Park in Life Relegated.  Jacob Rosenzweig is the group’s songwriter, bassist, and co-vocalist.  Ben Weiss (guitar/co-vocals) plays mandolin and sings in popular bluegrass outfit Pixie and the Partygrass Boys.  Wachira Waigwa-Stone, a professional dance accompanist and composer, also plays drums for Blue Big Ox, the Will Baxter Band, and the Trash Panda Drum Group.  All three are alumni of the University of Utah School of Music.

fists in the wind

fists in the wind is a queerpunk shout-along band composed of matt the rat and prettypretty <3 We r here to lovingly serve as the welcoming choir for our guests as they embark aboard Tony the Train! With our songs we hope to offer a stern reminder that the rail system was built and exists on the blood and bones of exploited people on stolen land. Welcome to the Opera! Please feel free to sing along with us.


We play improvised electronica on bass, synthesizers and loop pedals, reinterpreting over and over again original songs, cover songs, or songs from past musical projects. They host and play regularly on

Sunday evenings at Twilight Lounge, where you can listen to them and other lounge electronica. Sundays, Doom Lounge Electronica nights are a bastion for the outsider musician who can find nowhere else to play in Salt Lake City’s poor arts infrastructure and few nightlife venues, a byproduct of strict alcohol laws.

It Foot, It Ears

IT FOOT, IT EARS is a chamber/garage music duo creating intricate studies in rhythm and texture.  Their music plays against the expectations of the humdrum instrumentation of electric guitar and drums — while also celebrating its history.  They’ve developed performance practices that embrace microtonality, isorhythm and polyrhythm, extended techniques, prepared instruments, and punk rock.  IT FOOT, IT EARS has been described as both delicate and visceral.


it foot, it ears prove their unmatched accomplishments in technical ability, compositional intricacy and, above all, personality and wit.” —SLUG Magazine

Durian Durian

Durian Durian is a band. It does dreamy electronic post-punk through the parallel modalities of music and contemporary dance. Most songs are five minutes long. Nora Price plays guitar, sings, and dances, Emily Snow plays keyboardand dances, drum machine and sound manipulation by Koty Lopez. They are all best buds.

Emma Sargent

Emma Sargent is a freelance dancer, dance-maker, and performance artist living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her creative interests include multidisciplinary performance, contact improvisation and partnering, and promoting marginalized voices through art. She recently completed a BFA in Modern Dance and a BA in Gender Studies from the University of Utah. While at the University, Emma had the pleasure of working with choreographers and artists including Satu Hummasti, Daniel Clifton, Kris Grey and Maya Ciarrocchi, Katie Faulkner, and Daniel Charon. Recently, Emma has performed in multiple dance works by Dat Nguyen, and she is a member of project based companies Cat + Fish Dances and Deseret Experimental Opera Company. She has also presented work alongside LMN Mov’t.

Allison Shir

Allison Shir is a dance artist originally from the East Coast and currently based in Salt Lake City.  Prior to relocating to this Pretty Great State, she lived in Holland and Israel where she co-founded, performed, and created for both the interdisciplinary performance group CorpComposition (Amsterdam/Den Haag) and the Ouroboros Dance Collective (Tel Aviv).  She also was a performing member with the Israeli-based Aluminum Show on domestic and international tours.  Locally, she has danced and made work with Tumbleweeds Dance Theatre and DanceBand BandDance, and has been a performing member with Dance Balletti and And Artists.  She continues to create new work and perform in freelance projects as an independent artist.  Lastly, she loves DEXO, watermelons, and her cat.

Amy Freitas

Amy Freitas started accidentally improvising dance during high school recitals and has been practicing the form since.
Amy loves playing with the balance of structure and freedom within groups of artists to create performance pieces that feel expressive to everyone involved.

Jacob Rosenzweig

Jacob Rosenzweig is a musician who grew up in Salt Lake City, studied Jazz Performance at the U, got an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, moved to LA, spent 6 years in traffic, and upon his return to SLC last year began collaborating with DEXO on Life Relegated.  Along the way, he composed and performed music for a wide variety of ensembles including The Sogo Takeover, Stupid Man Suit, Three Thirds, My Allowance, and the Jacob Rosenzweig Bass Quartet. 

Carly Schaub

Carly Schaub is originally from Benson, UT and graduated with an M.F.A. in Modern Dance from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, and a B.F.A. in Theatre and Dance, from the University of Wyoming. She has performed in numerous dance and musical theatre productions, studied many dance forms, including Baroque and Renaissance dance, addition to spending time studying in London.  She has worked with many choreographers including Bill Evans, Peter Pucci, Yoav Kaddar, Keith Saunders, Patricia Tate, Marsha Knight, Thomas Shoemaker, and Netta Yerushalmy to name a few.

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Ilana Fogelson

Ilana Fogelson recently graduated from Brown University with an MFA in Fiction. Originally hailing from Salt Lake City, she now lives in Providence, Rhode Island and finds the lack of mountains disconcerting. She has joined DEXO in time to be a part of 2047, the company’s upcoming opera festival. Her writing has previously been published in Revolver Magazine, The Broome Street Review, No Tokens Magazine, and is pending publication with Monster House Press.

Elena Rogers

Elena Rogers has lived in Salt Lake for a long time and likes to write things. She is one of the librettists and this marks her first year as a contributor to DEXO. She is excited to be working with such impassioned and talented people.

Stuart Wheeler

Stuart Wheeler is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, and producer. His work tends toward microtonality, vernacular timbres, diverse singing traditions, and the folk ethics of collaboration, improvisation, and non-virtuosity. His teachers have included Christian Asplund, Neil Thornock, I Nyoman Windha, Sam Richards and Steve Ricks.

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Hannah McLaughlin

Hannah McLaughlin is studying Musicology at Brigham Young University.  Although her current focus is writing about new music, she continues to explore music performance and pedagogy.  She participates in both traditional choral as well as experimental ensembles throughout Utah.   Continue reading “Hannah McLaughlin”